Animal Crossing: New Horizons tidak hanya mendapatkan update gratis pada bulan November, tetapi DLC berbayar yang disebut Happy Home Paradise juga sedang dalam proses dan akan dirilis pada hari yang sama.

Selain update gratis ini, Happy Home Paradise memberi Anda kesempatan untuk bergabung dengan Lottie and the Paradise Planning team. Dalam peran baru Anda, Anda akan melakukan perjalanan ke rangkaian pulau tempat Anda dapat mendesain rumah liburan, mendekorasi fasilitas pulau seperti sekolah dan restoran, dan menemukan cara baru untuk membuat dan mempersonalisasikan saat Anda mendapatkan pengalaman mendesain untuk klien Anda.

Berikut rundownnya:

  • Work With Lottie as a Member of the Paradise Planning Team: Clients with different dream vacation requests will visit a new resort area located in an archipelago, made up of several different islands, where the Paradise Planning team is located. You can talk to a client and find out the details of their requests for a vacation home, and then make their dreams happen.
  • Design Dream Vacation Homes: After choosing a location for your client’s dream vacation home, you can design the interior where you’ll place designated furniture that was delivered ahead of time. As you continue designing vacation homes, you’ll acquire various design techniques, from changing how the home is structured by adding partition walls and pillars to divide the space, to adding counters, ambient lighting, and soundscapes to add depth to the room design, and more. The vacation home themes vary depending on the client, and many requests await your expertise. You can also decorate the exterior yard.
  • Make Remodeling and Roommate Recommendations: As you gain experience as a designer, more furniture will become available, and you’ll also be able to make more suggestions. These include recommendations like remodeling the vacation homes of clients you’ve helped previously with different furniture or even recommending that two clients share a room together as roommates.
  • Design Facilities: There are several vacant buildings on the island where Lottie’s Paradise Planning team is located. Lottie wants to make this island more robust and developed, so you’ll be able to help design facilities such as a school, restaurant, and cafe.
  • Get Inspiration From the Happy Home Network: Capture photos of the vacation homes you design and save them to your catalog, which you can check out through the in-game Happy Home Network app in your NookPhone. From this app, you can also access the Showroom to view the building examples of designers from all over the world who have posted their creations online. You can follow the designers you like and view their samples for inspiration.
  • Use amiibo To Invite More Clients: Usually, your job is to look for clients on the resort who may be considering having their own vacation home, but … if you use the current Animal Crossing series amiibo accessories, you can invite a specific client to discuss their vacation home. With amiibo, you can even design the vacation homes of busy individuals like Isabelle and Timmy & Tommy.
  • Bring Your Techniques Back to the Main Island: Techniques you’ve obtained through your work on the Paradise Planning team can also be used on your home island. Perhaps this will be a great opportunity for you to overhaul the design of your own home. And if you give island residents souvenir chocolate from Paradise Planning as a gift, they may become interested in what the archipelagos and vacation homes have to offer. Then, one day when you become a veteran designer with lots of experience, you will eventually be able to remodel residents’ homes on your island by making suggestions to them, too.

Happy Home Paradise akan dirilis bersamaan dengan update gratis pada 5 November, dan akan memberi Anda $24,99. Expansion berbayar juga didukung sebagai fitur gratis Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, yang mencakup keanggotaan dasar Nintendo Switch Online, ditambah manfaat tambahan seperti akses ke game Nintendo 64 dan game SEGA Genesis.

Members dapat mengunduh Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise secara gratis dan bermain sambil mempertahankan membership aktif. Individual Membership akan dikenakan biaya $49,99 selama 12 bulan, sedangkan Family Membership akan dikenakan biaya $79,99 selama 12 bulan.


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